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This site is for HSPs - highly sensitive persons - AND for Empaths - people who physically... emotionally... spiritually... overwhelmed by everything they feel, sense, and absorb other's need, pain, and fear.  

We, the Highly Sensitives, also absorb all the positive energies and sensations of others' joy, excitement, and love. 

Here, you will find answers to what has kept you isolated, angry, and unable to function in the 'normal' world. Courageous Path Training Services, also provide the opportunity to break free of control, anger, hostility, pain, and fear.  

Courageous Path offers proven training formula using new tools, and awakening existing, but underused skills.  You will create a new understanding and value for your HSP and Empath abilities!  

There's much to see here. So, take your time, look around, and learn all there is to know about us. We hope you enjoy our site and take a moment to ask your questions (click the Contact Tab above).

HSPs & Empath Skills Training / Services

Free 60 Minute HSP Empath Discovery Conversation

FREE Life Coaching Consultation, Free Stress Relief Consultation, Free Empath Gifts Conversation

All about you,  your HSP challenges, and empath gifts...  

Free conversation is waiting for you!

911 Emergency Call-in for Empaths and HSPs

Emergency Help for Stressed People, Crisis Calls for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People, 911  HSPs

There are moments when life is unbearably overwhelming and you don't know where to turn for help! HELP ME Now! 

Empath Coaching Services Details and Prices

1:1 stress coaching, 1:1 HSP Empath life coaching, 1:1 overwhelm training,  self-confidence training

Many emapths and HSP's actually shut down in the public forum of group coaching, however private, safe, confidential 1:1 coaching provides the safe environment to slowly unravel and transform all the scary bits about being an empath.   

DIY HSP/Empath Self-Study Membership (October 2018)


Affordable, monthly membership, lesson plans, and audio/visual learning materials provide space, time, and privacy to take back control of your empath life. Joining our safe, facilitated, supported community might make the affordable difference. 


Free Resource Library

free hsp empath resources, free hsp empath training, free hsp empath reading material,

Finally! An organized library of easy to understand articles responding to your most often asked questions about living with the challenges of being a highly sensitive person in a very chaotic world. 


Testimonials about Courageous Path HSP Empath Support, true stories about Highly Sensitive People,

Empaths and HSPs can successfully  take back their lives from controllers, abusers, and their own fears and old behaviours. Read what they say about their training at Courageous Path HSP Empath Support.

Courageous Path Founder's Message and Mission

Sue Rumack, HSP Empath Trainer,  I'm here for you, An HSP Empath Promise, Sue Rumack, Professional

I'm Here For You

I'm here to help you filter and block the overwhelm and stress that naturally accompanies being a Highly Sensitive Person - HSP and Empath.   Click my pic for More Mission, Message, and  Angelic Messages Book Series info. 

Click Listen Below for your more personal message. 

Professional Experience

Founder Sue Rumack is the professionally trained and experienced Life Coach (2006), She has customized Courageous Path Support tools unlike any other HSP or Empath trainer.  Courageous Path offers proven success, and understanding to cut through what's kept you stuck. Click my picture for More Credibility

Supported Journey

I personaly promise you will not walk alone as you take back your life and when the time is right you will walk on with confidence and pride in who you are.   Click my picture for the whole Promise.

Scholarship Donations: Please Help Our Cause

Your contributions directly pay for scholarships for HSPs and Empaths who are unable to pay for coaching, training packages, and tools needed to get off the overwhelm and illness hamster wheel.   Your generosity, no matter how small, makes the difference and perhaps even saves a life and a future.   Your generous donation will fund our mission to leave no empath behind.  

Thank you from my heart to yours.  Sue Rumack, The Empath Trainer

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