You Are Not Broken You ONLY Need a Little Direction

1 Hour Coaching Conversation


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You aren't broken, but right now life may be a little confusing.   

You don't need a long coaching program but you do need something! 

1 Hour isn't a big commitment but it might be just the right amount of support with a trained HSP Empath life-coach to make the difference and let you go forward confident in your choices and skills.  

What You Get


  • 1 hour entirely focused on you and your needs
  • no sales pitch to upgrade you to a longer program
  • Bring 1 issue, work towards 1 solution
  • Proven Tools that Work because your coach and you customized them to your need. 
  • MP3 Replay and Written Highlights emailed to your inbox - 24 hours
  • Privacy and Confidentiality




  • The first hour is $195 USD
  • Additional time is available at the same session billed at $111 and purchasable at PayPal checkout.
  • Payment required in advance
  • ALL payments in US Dollars
  • Session Replay and Notes are sent via email following your session. 

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Single hour clients are astounded that 1 hour of focussed directed coaching can make such a difference in how they handle an in the moment, crazy-making relationship crisis. AND it is enough time to get to the decision-making heart of an life altering career move, and it's even enough time to calm the panic of your identity at a crossroads so you can move forward with calm confidence.   

One hour IS NOT enough time to change your entire life, but it IS enough time to begin to create the structure to handle the crisis at hand. 

Your coach shows you how to consciously use all your empath gifts to stay in the moment for your best outcome.  

1 hour IS enough time to work with your coach to find and impliment an emergency solution.

You ARE NOT Alone

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You Are Not Alone

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