SERVICES: 1:1 Personal Coaching for HSPs and Empaths


1:1 Personal Coaching for HSPs and Empaths

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The sensitive person needs a sensitive coach!  Especially when life is overwhelming and you want to hide. 

Sue Rumack "Empath Trainer" is an HSP, empath, channeler, and author, Her passion is to teach you how to get yourself the safest place so you are grounded, protected, and healed.  

Courageous offers detailed life skills training for the highly sensitive person.  We begin where you need to go first... Shielding and Energy Management... then take those new skills out into empath-specific relationship coaching, career counselling, business mentoring, and even the empath equivalent of 911 emergency services.  Your sessions are always private and confidential. 

Coaching packages are custom designed to fit your need, your schedule, and your budget.  

We offer: 

  • Single 1 Hour Session:   1 problem/1 hour: Answer one burning question.  Quick Fix Session. Buy one session with no obligation to continue (Details Below) 

1:1 Private Life Skills Training Options:

  • Silver Coaching Package:  6 weeks:  Programming Protective Shielding,  Grounding, and Boundaries Setting: Intro to HSP/Empath Sensitivity Protection
  • Gold Coaching Package:   3 months: Stress & Overwhelm Control, Take Back Your Life, HSP/Empath Sensitivity Protection
  • GPS Goals / Success:  6 months: Design 1 goal, learn how to use your empath skills to make it successful. Experience Career & Relationship Success, Life Trauma Release
  • Empath Identity Transformation  12 months: Begin with at the beginning with sensitivity training, grounding, and boundaries setting... end with  Who Am I & Life Purpose, Soul Purpose.  Combines all other programs AND more...

Beyond  1:1 Training:   

The Affordable Monthly Membership Program: 

  • Self-Paced Independent Learning Modules and Study Programs, Nothing held back...  time, money, and privacy are on your side.    

Your location is not an issue - we provide global toll-free phone and computer calls available in all time zones, on all mobile devices. 

Downloadable Replays of every session emailed 24/36 hours later.  New aha's with every re-listen.    

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Coaching Services Details and Prices

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Free HSP Discovery Conversation

Free Life Coaching Conversation, Free Life Coaching Consultation, Free Empath Consultation,

911 Emergency Life Coaching

911 Life Coaching Service,  Emergency Life Coaching Service, Emergency Stress Coaching Service,

1 Hour Session

leap of faith, hsp empath training, single coaching sessions for empaths and hsp,

Silver 3 Hours / 6 Sessions

3 Hour 1:1 Private Coaching for Empaths and HSPs

Gold 6 Hours / 12 Sessions

Courageous Path 6 hour Gold Training Package, Shielding Training for HSP's and Empaths,  Grounding,

Goals Success Mentoring

Success Goals Training, Empath HSP Goals Training, Successful Goals, Successful Empaths,  No Stress

HSP Identity Transformation - 12 Months Program

HSP Identity Training, Empath Identity Training, Identity Grounding, Identity Transformation,

Monthly Membership: Affordable Self-Paced Independent Learning

DIY Monthly Membership for Low Cost HSPs and Empath Skills Training

On-Line Group Workshops

online group workshops live with Sue Rumack, Empath Trainer,  HSP Empath Online Streamkng Workshops,

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