Founder Sue Rumack: Mission and Message

Sue Rumack, The Empath Trainer

Sue Rumack, HSP Empath Trainer

As a professionally trained and experienced Life Coach (2006), I have the tools, proven experience, and understanding to cut through what's kept you stuck.

Who Is Sue Rumack: I'm an HSP Empath who has learned to use my own intense sensitivities and intuition to gently lead you through life's minefields to safety and security from within yourself. 

Courageous Path Mission:  Imagine being defined by who you are... with less stress, more love, and no more pretending to fit in!  

The Courageous Path Mission is to help you find joy and fulfillment through the gifts you were born with so that you can pass this learning along to your own children, so that within 2 generations our world will be a healthier, more whole and loving environment for all living things. 

Professional Experience

Life Coach: Sue Rumack, ATS, is an Adlerian trained life coach, graduated in 2006 from Adler International School of Coaching, associated with University of Toronto Faculty of Education, Masters of Education Degree Program.   

Author:  The Pulse of Awakening, How to Connect With Soul And Life Purpose

Author:  Angelic Footprints, The Series:  111 Angelic Messages to Lighten the Burden of Being Human in a Human World.  

  • Book 1  Beingness,  
  • Book 2: Love  
  • Book 3:  Choice,  
  • Book 4: Wholeness,  (Summer 2018)
  • Book 5:  Spirituality  (Winter 2018)


  • I Am Change From Within
  • GoalSmart GPS - Goals Training Specifically For HSPs and Empaths
  • Managing Focus To Get Out of Overwhelm
    • 7 Deadly Sins of Goal Setting and How to Avoid Them
    • Set Intention for Success Before Committing to Your Goal
    • The 3 C's of Managing Overwhelm
    • Perception is NOT Perfection
    • Would'a, Could'a, Should'a Reversing Blame, Shame, Guilt
  • Courageous Path Empath Shielding Skills Training:
    • Basics, 
    • Intermediate,
    • Advanced 
  • Courageous Path Empath Identity Training

Trust and My Promise to YOU

I personally promise you will not walk alone as you take back your life. When the time is right you will independently walk forward with confidence in your skills and pride in who you are.   

Taking Back Your Life:  HSP and Empath training takes trust, commitment, and faith on both sides of the coaching conversation to maintain a nonjudgmental, accepting space in which to explore and win at 'taking back your life'.  

My Promise to You:  Together, we will fulfill promises you make yourself, so your future will not repeat your past. 

I gently kick butt when needed. because unlike therapy... coaching solves one problem at a time. I promise you will not walk alone. 

Thank you for visiting Courageous Path HSP Empath Support.  I encourage you to check out every page and click every LISTEN HERE button.  Enjoy InJOY