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LAUNCH DATE December 2019

Early Bird GIVE-AWAYS.   

Action Takers get rewarded!  It's a fact! 

The first 20 FOUNDERS to join Empath Training HUB receive a personal 1:1 phone call to get clear on how to manage their personal overwhelm. 

Stay in the loop over the next few weeks as Courageous Path gears up to release this long-awaited LOW COST monthly education membership site for HSPs and Empaths who have been searching for answers, tools, skills and training to turn powerful  emotional and physical sensitivity from devastating curse to incredible gift!  

DIY HSP Empath Skills Training Modules provide simple answers to your most disturbing questions about being an HSP  (Highly Sensitive Person),  Empath, Lightworker, Healer, Channeler, PTSD Victim, etc.  Many highly sensitive people have been accidentally misdiagnosed and mislabelled with devasting mental illnesses that don't respond to medication.  Get the deep level education not found anywhere else on the interet. Fill in your gaps about WHO you are AND HOW you do what you do.  Find your power and empowerment here!

Please Bookmark this page to revisit on October 21, 2018 when all our programs will be available to begin your DIY skills training journey.   


Over the years we've heard your cries for help and stepped up with free consultations, free training materials, and even free coaching for those who couldn't afford our 1:1  coaching session.  Our FaceBook Group is famous for giving real support and even more free empath education, but there are so many financially stressed empaths who need help that we were compelled to find a low-cost solution to fit every budget so that emapths  can finally get as much help and training as you want when you are ready for it. 

We hold nothing back! The difference between 1:1 elite private coaching and DIY is that YOU are in control of your learning journey.  All of our basic trainings have been converted to easy to listen to podcasts designed to provide everything you need to train yourself, at home in the privacy of your own home.  We even provide 1 monthly live Q&A call-in event so you can ask your questions live and get answers in real time from the empath trainer Sue Rumack. 

IMAGINE!  No more relying on the FB groups of untrained empaths who spin out into painful, personal stories, superstition, and mysticism generating fear funnels that grow larger with each comment, causing more confusion and stress for everyone in the thread.  No more of this when you follow the Courageous Path self learning systems.

IMAGINE!  No more asking for wisdom from others who are just as lost as you might be.  Get get the  eduction modules that fit with your biggest empath challenges.  Slowly work your way through an entire educational platform designed and proven to help sensitive people understand how to make sense of the gifts you are born with.  

No Contract, No Minimum Membership, No Advance Payment

Monthly Membership means 1 low payment of $38.11 USD per month automatically billed to your credit card.  One live toll-free Q&A call-in event every single month.  Weekly  trainings and lessons arriving in your email inbox automatically continue until you say STOP.  The STOP option is at the bottom of every email lesson, podcast, video, PDF.  Re-start anytime and continue from where you left off or choose a new topic.  

Learning Modules Available at Launch October 21, 2018

LAUNCH Education Modules Include:   

2018 October Level 1  Myths, Truths, and Basic Healthy Life Foundation Info for Empaths

2018 November Level 2  Managing Empath Overwhelm

2018 December Level 3  Managing HSP Empath Trauma & PTSD 

2019 January Level 4  Boundary Setting for Highly Sensitive People

And these are just the first 5 months of Education Modules  loaded to overflowing with tools, skills training, and teaching you about being an empath who feels good in your own skin. 

 2018  December: Shielding Skills Training for HSPs and Empaths. 

Training Schedule will be available soon.


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