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You get 60 minutes of undivided ME talk-time with Sue Rumack, The HSP Empath Trainer. Plus, you get your own MP3 recording of every aha moment, tip, and tool offered.  The recording is like finding gold on the ground in front of you... you will hear your customized next-steps roadmap to reclaim your life from controllers, narcissists, bullies, abusers. Fear of the future begins to evaporate.

This conversation is all about you... for your future success.  We understand where you are coming from because we are also HSPs and Empaths.  The difference is we have figured out the short cuts to living comfortably and successfully in the 'normal' world. 

If the fit between what you need, and what Courageous Path HSP Empath Support offers, is right, you will find hope in the answers to your questions AND you will leave the call excited and knowing the next steps to reclaiming your life.  

FYI...   While Courageous Path doesn't accept every applicant, you will leave your call with an MP3 replay of every aha moment, and your own customized blueprint of your next steps to taking back your life.   What you choose next is entirely up to you. 

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Free 60 minute coaching discovery conversation.  You are not alone.
Free 60 minute coaching discovery conversation. You are not alone.

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