Gold HSP Empath Overwhelm Training: 12 Weeks 1:1 Mentoring


This intermediate level training includes basic shielding, grounding, and boundaries setting partnered with the specialized life-coaching needed by the highly sensitive. Tools plus life-coaching means you can finally manage your top 3 overwhelm challenges.  Feel them evaporate as you take back your life from pain, abuse, narcissists, illness, fear, and much more. Become empowered, joyful, validated!

What You Get

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  • No Prerequisite. Every program begins with basic shielding and grounding techniques. Returning Silver Training Grad? Gold will be customized to go straight to your challenges using every Silver tool you've already mastered. 
  • 12 weeks (6 hours) 1:1 personal boundaries/life skills training focusing on YOUR overwhelm and getting it gone with less stress and more success! 
  • Customized HSP/Empath Solutions. You and your coach focus entirely on your HSP Empath overwhelm challenges and rewriting old response patterns one week at a time. Never leave a session incomplete/ 
  • Stress Management using Shielding techniques partnered with HSP life coaching to your issues. 
  • Get Heard like nobody has ever heard you before
  • Never Miss A Moment - every session recorded to MP3 download sent via email (24-36 hrs) 
  • Written HIGHLIGHTS of every session sent with MP3's 
  • Global Access - Easy to schedule no matter your location.  Global access scheduled to your timezone 
  • Sessions Are Live - Interactive / Toll Free / phone or Computer call
  • Email Support between sessions

By the end of 12 sessions you have all the skills you need to walk free in the world no longer absorbing and holding other's pain, stress, fear or anger. You will also have downloaded your personal audio and written coaching playbooks documenting how to take back your life from overwhelm and stress caused by controlling people.  Return to your sessions playlist for a refresher to keep your skills honed. Just like having your coach at your fingertips. 

What Will You Learn

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Weeks 1-3 Learn Silver Skills Training beginning with:  

Protective Shielding: templates designed to program your inborn DNA encoded protective shielding

Grounding Techniques not found anywhere else because they are part of your natural healthy shielding.    

Boundary Setting that can't be ignored by narcissists, abusers, or bullies because progammable shields need clear boundaries to do their work. 

1 Minute Repair for Shields: Repair of damaged and exhausted shielding that instantly fixes your insecurity, ungroundedness, fear, confusion, etc.

Weeks 4-6, 7-9, 10-12  Choose one area of Challenge per 3 week time block: 

1. managing controlling people, 

2. managing the effects of other's illness on your body and mind, 

3. managing other's anger, 

4. guilt from others, 

5. jealousy from others,  

6. relationship struggles between partners, parents and kids, BFFs, career partners, team mates. etc.    

Life Coaching for Sensitives:  You can't learn shielding and grounding skills without stumbling into old behaviours that have kept you stuck.  

Using combined skills training, PLUS life coaching especially for sensitives, you will overcome each challenge holistically, with less stress, and more control each week. 

Validation: You learn how to validate that you ARE taking back control of your life.


PLUS  30 DAY GUARANTEE - no questions, full refund of all monies paid to date.  You must email before your 5th session advising the program isn't meeting your need.

What Changes In 12 Weeks

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In 12 weeks everything changes. Getting overwhelm gone means you know how to filter, return, and block others need, pain, hostility, and abuse so it doesn't get absorbed into your body making you sick, or take control of your mind, making you feel overwhelmed.


1. Wholeness - You will feel whole, lighter, more vibrant and healthy

2. Respect - Others respect you differently because you respect yourself differently. 

3. Non-Verbal Communication  - Get heard without hostility. 

4. Release - Release the old stories and patterns keeping you stuck. 

5. Health improves...  

  • chronic pain lessens when you don't hold other's pain in your body. 
  • depression that's not yours is blocked
  • general anxiety from around you is blocked 
  • Happy and Hopeful - your sense of protection and safety let you be happier and more hopeful. 
Overwhelm transforms into understanding when you know how to read. and non-verbally respond to other's needs.  

Self-Protection: effortlessly returns unacceptable behaviour without confrontation, or judgment.  You are heard in their hearts before their heads; which means they will treat you differently. 

Know who you are: finally change the stories you tell yourself about living your best life.   

Feel secure: wake up and go to sleep less stressed and more validated for strengths, gifts and talents previously unnoticed.  

Many changes happen with Gold and in only 12 weeks.  Check Testimonials to validate our claims. 

Please ASK your questions now.  

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Customize YOUR Coaching

Fast-Track Your Learning Journey: 1:1 training allows for course correction, deep focus, and step-by-step success with support, new tools, guided practice. Your coach holds your hand all the way. 

  • Challenges:  Choose which HSP Empath challenges to work on - Boundaries, Anger, Hostility, Fear, Old Stories, Abuse, Narcissists. 
  • Solutions - Build customized solutions to fit every challenge
  • Support - Never left to try something new without practice time with your coach
  • Focus:  You and your coach set the curriculum and pace to your learning style
  • Unanswered Questions - Never leave a session incomplete or with unanswered questions


Click Here for Testimonials.  Every testimonial notes how shielding and grounding training impacted their life. 

Every testimonial is from an HSP Empath who has completed Silver and Gold HSP Empath Skills Training.  Many have also completed Goals and Identity programs. 

This training teaches protection, shielding, grounding, non-verbal boundaries, and mutual respect.  

These skills and tools are priority for YOU taking back your life. 

If you are in a hurry to fast-track your learning check out Identity Transformation or GPS Successful Goals Mentoring... both basic Silver and intermediate Gold are included as first steps in our longer Courageous Path HSP Empath Support programs. 

Gold is an alternative to taking the more expensive programs if ALL you want is to learn to shield and ground and get overwhelm gone. 


6 Hours of 1:1 Trainer facilitated sessions including: 

  • 12  thirty minute training sessions
  • 12 MP3 replay downloads
  • 12 sets of written highlights
  • Associated reading material
  • E-mail support between sessions as needed

Cost:  $975 USD  (approx $200 saving)

Payment Options: 

  1. Single Payment
  2. 2 Payments (50% deposit, 50% Session 6)
  3. 3 Payments (33% deposit, 33% Session 4, 33% Session 9) 

Don't Know Where to Start?

Don't worry if you don't know where to start... your FREE Courageous Path HSP Empath Coaching Discovery Session will provide the roadmap take back control of your life.   

Therapy Hasn't Worked For YOU! AND Neither Has Medication!

If therapy hasn't worked for you, perhaps it's time to try HSP Empath Skills Training... 

  • The difference between HSP Empath training and therapy is that you learn how to recognize which feelings, pains, anxieties, and even depression belong to you AND what belongs to others around you. 
  • Knowing what's not yours makes it easier to filter, block, and return-to-sender damaging energies that surround you every day.  
  • You can successfully and quickly learn the formula and apply the Courageous Path proven same, proven,  HSP/Empath template to all unwanted, damaging energies for the rest of your long, happy, health, and vibrant awakened life. 

30 Day Guarantee


No Hassle 100% Refund Within the FIRST 30 DAYS

Email  BEFORE your 4th coaching session and get all your money back, no questions asked.