Overwhelm Management for Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Holiday Stress Online seminar

It's a HOLIDAY...  STRESS  has been building for weeks...     

Thanksgiving was first...  

NOW you are dreading Xmas! 

AND New Years is 7 only days later...  

OVERWHELM is in every cell of your body!

YOU don't need to live like this any more!


90 Minute Online OVERWHELM Training

WHY you need Grounding Training NOW!

Every holiday is the same... you dread being with family!  They never let you forget who you are to THEM...  and their treatment of you never changes!  There's bullying, disrespect of boundaries, guilt, anger, even hostility...  You are exhausted and fearful days before you have to be there...  

ALL you want is to hide from the moment you walk in, BUT maybe you are forced to fight to survive the day!  

No matter which... it takes days... sometimes weeks for you to recover!  

NOW there's a different choice!  

What if you could get through the day without feeling powerless or broken! 

What if you held your power and your space, got the recognition, and respect you deserve!  What if... at the very least... this year... you could get through it without the pain and exhaustion or the need to run away and hide for days afterwards?  

What if....   

90 minutes get you:

  1. Learn on your own schedule - No Wait -  MP3 Download access on Registration - Listen and Learn when you have time!
  2. Intro to Grounding Training  -  Learn the 5 different kinds of grounding - Then learn the science behind your body's inborn grounding so you can program and repair what you already have.
  3. Discover the differences between physical grounding and metaphysical grounding!
  4. Three Tools to take back your power - prove grounding is real! 
  5. Personalized email Q&A  to ask your own questions
  6. PDF Transcript of the Training
  7. MP3 Audio Download  Listen as often as you need to sharpen your grounding tools. Keep this forever green training at your fingertips.
  8. Future Discount on Full Grounding Training 101 - Ya Gotta Get Grounded  (January 2020) 

Rave Reviews for Grounding and Shielding Training for Empaths and HSPs

Before an Empath can learn Protective Shielding YOU must learn scientific Grounding Techniques to strengthen your own inborn grounding ability. 

  • Debra Hewson Hunt Susan, I utilize everything you share & LIFE is getting beautiful once again!!! Thank YOU for caring so much & holding the lantern for light.
  • Chrisit Stringfello-Naranjo: Susan. I owe you so much for mentoring, training. and helping me. I will never be able to repay you. I'm forever grateful for your help guidance...Shielding Basics Workshop Series: before I met you I never knew anything about protective shielding. Now, absolutely ! Don't know how I made it through half my life without knowing. It's all thanks to you that I have more balance in my life. 
  • Beth Shiplett:  It works people - I did the 1st shielding class about 2.5 years ago and use the teaching every day! I've had a much more peaceful life since taking this course. It's worth the $$$!!
  • Bev Stom: 1:1 HSP / Empath Training:  Thank you Susan for all the assistance ... The questions you asked were important for me to address out loud, for I had kept them buried deep inside because I am different from the norm. In the past I couldn't decide if the empath gift was a blessing or a curse. Thank goodness I found you! Most of all, not absorbing others negative energy & recognizing that it didn't belong to me. I'm lighter now... I don't react nor become insulted ... Not only has your training helped me but also people that I come in contact with on a daily basis.
    Thank you Susan for all your patience & devoted guidance that has helped me project the true me. I'm a happier person & thankful for being an empath!
  • Beth D Thompson: Shielding Basics Level 1: We don't always realize how important this is. (shielding as boundary setting and wordless communication)  Through Shield Training, Susan Rumack provides the training process and empath life coaching.  She helped me understand how feeling overwhelmed can misunderstood by others. I learned how to send an easy, felt message which brought the overdue medical attention (I desperately needed) into effect.  Thank you, Susan!


 If you could get grounded for $20, would you give yourself a gift?  


Only 'til 12 am Dec 25, 2019  

($55 between Xmas and 12 am Jan 1, 2020)   

Not much cash left over. after buying ALL those gifts? 

But there's still one VIP you've forgotten about!   


The biggest holiday complaint from sensitive people about family gatherings is the OVERWHELMING URGE to run and hide because it's all so exhausting and feels so dangerous!   

This high value training is your one time opportunity to get the tools and strategies you need to get grounded so you can walk into any room and be in control.  

... AND it's deeply discounted to ONLY $20. 

Is your peace of mind worth $20?       

Staying grounded is the key, even before you build your mirrored shield, or put on your invisibility cloak, or fire up your crystals or call on your Angels... or stand barefoot in the grass! 


This training is unlike anything you've ever experienced and it works because it's science not magic.  

Intro to "Ya Gotta Get Grounded"  Holiday Discount!   

Available only until December 24 Midnight! 

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