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12 Month IDENTITY TRANSFORMATION ... Answer Who Am I? Discover Who You Want To Be?

KNOW and LOVE yourself from the inside out. 

12 Months to Identity Transformation



Make no mistake... this 1:1 coaching program is a 12 month inside/out commitment of time, energy, and courage to learn, practice, and fully integrate the tools that get you through life altering transitions in safe stages designed to save your future. 

This training is your safety net. 

  • Your OLD HISTORY stops here… Change your decision making patterns to guarantee successful outcomes
  • STOP Self-Sabotage by using Inner Critic as your success consultant 
  • Recognize, Filter, and Block Narcissists and Abusers without confrontation
  • Turn Off Old Trauma and PTSD Triggers. Take back your life!
  • Release LIfetimes of Karma Learn to understand and use the message in each karmic lesson. Take back your life!
  • Take back your mind and body from others damaging needs and emotions 
  • Soul and Life Purpose: Transform WHO you are when you know your different life purpose and soul purposes

Take back your life starting now! 

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Holistic Identity Transformation for HSP's & Empaths

Taking Back Your Life Begins Here!

What's Included

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Transforming Identity: The Empath HSP Skills Training System holistically embraces all faces of identity from beliefs, damaging decision making patterns, self-confidence, and self-worth as mastering each new skill redefines who you are becoming.  This 12 month weekly or bi-weekly customized 1:1 coaching and identity training  is designed especially for Sensitives because we absorb and internalize everything we feel from everyone.  Regular coaching doesn't go to the cellular level to release old damage, nor does it replace old behaviours with new ones.  Just like adjusting the gears on a bike, as you correct one gear you must revisit and realign those you've already worked on. Identity Transformation is not do it once and move on. All aspects of YOU are attuned to all other aspects of you to be balanced, grounded, whole, and healthy.

  • 12 month VIP 1:1 Personal, Private, Confidential Coaching: 52 sessions (weekly 30 minute) or 26 sessions (bi-weekly 60 minutes)
  • 2 VIP Days (3 hours each)  during month 4 and again in month 8... Review, Redefine, and Redesign your training plan to meet your changing identity.  
  • Your 1 Year Identity Playbook: 
    • Never Miss A Moment MP3 Replays of every session sent via email
    • PLUS Written Highlights of every session included with MP3's
    • PLUS additional re-usable work at home goals success templates
  • Protective Shielding Training from the outside/in AND inside/out
  • Self-Sabotage Retrained to become your consistent reliable success partner
  • Goal's Success Training 
  • Life Purpose / Soul Purpose Defined
  • Spiritual Life Coaching
  • Interactive Hands-on Training 
  • VIP Email Support between sessions
  • Global Access - Schedule for your timezone. via live toll-free phone call or computer call.
  • Pre-Registration and Discount on Future Programs
  • Guarantee:  
    • 30 Day Money Back, 
    • No Questions Asked Guarantee, 
    • Keep all learning materials and replays you have received. 

What Else Do You Get? 

  • Strategic Coaching Partnership:  You and your trainer choose the tools, structure, & pace of training to get you whole and complete with less stress and more joy. 
  • Time to Integrate It All:  Time is on your side to do the work right and get used to the NEW you 
  • Non-judgmental Guide negotiating safe passage through old emotional minefields, letting go old stories and patterns so you stay on track to your best self.  

Never Feel STRESSED to Fit the Program...  the program designs itself to fit your priorities!  

  • Freedom:  We respect your input as you and your coach design your unique identity-healing journey accommodating every twist and turn as they emerge. 
  • Identity Healing: embed customized life skills to reveal, heal, and integrate your most authentic, trusted, loving YOU into all your relationships: career, friends, family, love and marriage. 

What You Learn The AGENDA

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It takes a whole lifetime to become who you are BUT only 12 months to reclaim your most empowered identity.

Using easy paced private coaching sessions, you integrate every program offered by Courageous Path HSP Empath Support. 

12 Month Agenda: 

  1. Understanding Vibrational Frequency: how others emotions affect the bodies and minds of highly sensitive people (Introduction  - Week 1 and included in ongoing training)
  2. Shielding and Protection: time and space to heal from others abusive energies PLUS building protection from all future energy attacks from others. Including Outer Shield and Inner Shield Intensives (minimum 12 weeks) 
  3. Inner Critic Control: turn off self-sabotage and turn on success skills (minimum 6 weeks)
  4. Successful Goals:  less stress more success... design your success roadmap and GPS for every goal in this journey. Get there safely and easily.  (minimum 16 weeks - integrating all previous topics into goals success)
  5. Identity... Learn WHO you are: safely supported inner and outer identities.  (minimum 5-8 weeks integration of all that comes before)
  6. Soul and Life Purpose. Discover the differences between Soul Purpose and Life Purpose. Learn to work with the 5 essential spiritual and human forces that define who you are.  (minimum 8 weeks)
  7. Learn How to Set Successful Intentions: Decide where you want to be 1 year from now!  Together, YOU and your coach, work your journey roadmap, using proven tools, techniques, and skills training to get you there.  

Spiritual Life Coaching Included:  How You Get From HERE to THERE!

  • Identity Recognition: Learn to know, appreciate, and love yourself without fear, guilt, shame, or blame. 
  • Learn to read other's identity needs so nonverbal communication improves in all your relationships.  Fact:  14% of all communication between people is VERBAL.  The rest is vibrational, sensations, and patterning. 
  • Strengths and Values Identity: essential fail-proof decision making skills embedding self-awareness, self-belief, and personal value. 
  • Timelines: build effective timelines for change and successful transformation.  
  • Become Respect -Worthy:  Learn to auto-pilot respectful protection against controllers and abusers freeing your time and energy up to do the work of living on purpose.  
  • Boundary Setting Training built into Shielding gets you the respect you desire most and must develop so you confidently own your life.  

Learn Grounding Techniques not taught anywhere but at Courageous Path HSP Empath Support.  

Protective Shielding:  Discover the Secrets of your inborn, DNA encoded, human quantum energy fields already protecting you that have not yet  been programmed to 100% protection. Learn to program specifically for your protection needs.  Courageous Path Shielding techniques are unlike anything found in other trainings... and they begin to work from Day 1. 

What Changes In 12 Months

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Integrated... Holistic... Identity-Based Training 

  • Every session adds onto earlier sessions so you are never lost, always connecting the dots and making sense of how it all works, learning new skills, and growing who you know yourself to be, until you finally feel whole and in control. 

Here is some of what you will integrate: 

  • Identity Validation (see below) 
  • Strengths and Values Identity Training,
  • Boundary Setting
  • Overwhelm Management
  • Shielding and Energy Protection,
  • Unshakeable Grounding Techniques
  • Inner Critic Transformation
  • Goals and Success Training 

Identity Validation:

  • Who Am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • Define your Life Purpose.
  • Prove HOW you are living  your purpose every day.  

Who Are YOU NOW? 

  • Wholeness: You will feel more whole, lighter, vibrant and healthy
  • Respect: Others respect you differently.  
    • You respect, like, and love yourself. 
  • Beliefs:  Change how YOU believe in YOU!
    • Change how the World believes in you!
  • Get Heard like nobody has ever heard you before.
  • Permission to Let Go of everything that keeps you stuck
  • BFF:  You are proud to be your own best friend. 
  • Non-Verbal Communication  - Get heard with less hostility or misunderstanding.   
  • Release - Release old stories and behaviour patterns that kept you stuck. 
  • Health improves...  
    • chronic pain is less because you are no longer holding other people's pain in your body. 
    • depression that's not yours is blocked
    • general anxiety from those around you is blocked 
    • Happy and Hopeful - you are happier and more hopeful
  • Successful future goals are easier to complete. 
  • Increased self-trust
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Increased positivity
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Life looks very different and hopeful
  • New Inner Identity lets the outside you authentically BE who you really are! 

Customize YOUR Coaching

Fast-Track Your Learning Journey:  1:1 training allows for course correction, deep focus, and step-by-step success with support, new tools, guided practice.  Your coach holds your hand all the way. 

  • Challenges:  Choose which HSP Empath challenges to work on - Boundaries, Anger, Hostility, Fear, Old Stories, Abuse, Narcissists. 
  • Solutions: Build customized solutions to fit every challenge
  • Support: Never left to try something new without practice time with your coach
  • Focus:  You and your coach set the curriculum and pace to your learning style
  • Unanswered Questions:  Never leave a session incomplete or with unanswered questions


COST: $7985 USD

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24 Hours of Personal Trainer 1:1 sessions including: 

  • 52 thirty minute training sessions 
  • 52 MP3 replay downloads
  • 52 sets of written highlights
  • 2 VIP Days reviewing (quarterly) redefining goals, challenges, and successes and timelines
  • Early Registration and Discounts for future programs
  • Associated reading material
  • Unlimited E-mail support between sessions as needed

Cost:  $7,985.00 USD

Payment Options: 

  1. Single Payment
  2. 2 Payments (50% deposit, 50% Session 12)
  3. 3 Payments (33% deposit, 33% Session 8, 33% Session 16) 
  4. Other arrangements by request

Don't Know Where to Start?

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Don't worry if you don't know where to start... your FREE Courageous Path HSP Empath Consultation will provide the roadmap to take back control of your life. 

You might talk about: 

  • getting clear on exactly how your gifts work FOR and AGAINST you. 
  • and/or what you need to learn to program your abilities for automatic self-protection. 
  • both these skills are pre-requisite to transforming your identity into the best version of yourself. 

Often the consultation provides a much needed safety-net to get you coping differently before you leave the conversation.

You will leave your call with a better understanding of who you are, and how you can manage whatever challenges you are facing.

You can look forward to clarity, and an easy roadmap of actions you can take to move forward in strength and confidence. 

You will be offered coaching, programs, and membership in our community of empaths who are taking back their lives every day. 

  • Every call receives an unedited MP3 recording of your conversation and summary of highlights.  

IF only a little training is all it takes...  what's holding you back?   

Money?  Choose a payment plan that makes it easier.  When is it time to take back control of your life? 

If it's not money, but some old belief or fear of success...  contact us. The free consultation might be enough begin to release an old self-sabotaging fear.  

If money isn't the issue, and old beliefs aren't the issue but you don't trust success training programs, please check out our testimonials and see how others just like you are taking back their lives.  

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