Silver HSP Empath Skills Training: Beginner Package


Therapy Hasn't Worked For YOU!    Neither Has Medication!

Is it time to try HSP Empath Skills Training?


What You Get


  • 6 weeks (3 hours) 1:1 personal boundaries / life skills training.
  • Customized HSP/Empath Solutions. Focus entirely on YOUR challenges to customize solutions that are entirely  meeting your need.
  • Get Heard like nobody has ever heard you before
  • Let Go of everything that keeps you stuck
  • Never Miss A Moment - every session recorded MP3 download  AND written hightlightssent via email (24hrs) 
  • Global Access - Easy to schedule no matter your location or timezone. 
  • Sessions Are Live - Interactive / Toll Free / phone or Computer call
  • Emergency E-mail Support between sessions

By the end of 6 sessions you are taking back your life more and more each day. You have a written and accompanying audio playbook of your entire training journey.  Narcissists, abusers, and needy people no longer control you. AND you can return to your sessions playlist whenever you need to refresh your skills.  Just like having your coach at your fingertips.

What Will You Learn


Whether you are just discovering your highly sensitive nature or have been struggling with your identity for years... 

  • Touching is Believing: Feel Your Protection ~ touch the surface of your shield. See the shape, size and experience the safe buffer zone it creates around your body. 
  • Brain Science and Protection: Learn by physically using the science behind how your brain and shielding are linked for your protection.
  • Grounding Techniques: Learn DNA encoded grounding techniques interwoven into your shielding protection 
  • The 1 Minute Shielding Repair Technique: Learn to maintain your protection in high stress situations.     
  • Stop Living In Fear - Overwhelm Reduction Tools: Learn to program your inborn Fight or Flight Survival Response to block damaging, controlling, hostile, fearful energies.
  • Change old patterns, build new behaviours from your first session.
  • Boundary Setting that can't be ignored by narcissists, abusers, or bullies

Silver HSP Empath Skills Training teaches you how to use the tools and skills you were born with so you feel effortlessly grounded and able to live, love, and work in the real world.  

This form of training is ONLY available at Courageous Path.  

What Changes In 6 Weeks


  • Wholeness - You will feel more whole, lighter, more vibrant and healthy
  • Respect - Others respect you differently because you respect yourself differently. 
  • Non-Verbal Communication  - Get heard with less hostility or misunderstanding 
  • Release - You will release the old stories and behaviour patterns that kept you stuck. 
  • Health improves...  
    • chronic pain is less because you are no longer holding other people's pain in your body. 
    • depression that's not yours is blocked
    • general anxiety from those around you is blocked 
    • Happy and Hopeful - your sense of protection and safety let you be happier and more hopeful. 

Silver Skills Training is beginner level.  This is an introduction with handheld coaching. Your first 6 weeks puts you in control, less stressed and with a basic foundational knowledge of how to manage all the overwhelming energies from other people in your world.  This is just the beginning of your empowered HSP Empath journey.  There are more coaching programs leading to your incredible identity and life purpose journey.  

Please ASK your questions now.  To take this training  please CLICK Register Now. 

Customize YOUR Coaching


Fast-Track Your Learning Journey: 1:1 training allows for course correction, deep focus, and step-by-step success with support, new tools, guided practice. Your coach holds your hand all the way. 

  • Challenges:  Choose which HSP Empath challenges to work on - Boundaries, Anger, Hostility, Fear, Old Stories, Abuse, Narcissists. 
  • Solutions - Build customized solutions to fit every challenge
  • Support - Never left to try something new without practice time with your coach
  • Focus:  You and your coach set the curriculum and pace to your learning style
  • Unanswered Questions - Never leave a session incomplete or with unanswered questions


Click Here for Testimonials.  Every testimonial begins with a newly trained empath describing how shielding and grounding training changed their lives.  These highly sensitive persons have ALL completed Silver HSP Empath Skills Training and most continued on through Gold.  Several continued to GPS Goals Success, with a very special few completing the year long Identity Transformation.   

This 6 week training Silver Training awakens your awareness of how you protect, shield, ground, and communicate non-verbal boundaries and mutual respect.  These skills and tools are priority for YOU taking back your life. 

If you are in a hurry to fast-track your learning and go directly to your end goal with one of our more comprehensive Identity Transformation or GPS Successful Goals Mentoring... Silver is included as first steps as it is in ALL Courageous Path HSP Empath Support programs. Silver is not a prerequisite because it is included, HOWEVER, it is an alternative to taking the more expensive programs if ALL you want is to learn to shield and ground. 



3 Hours of Trainer-led training sessions including: 

  • Shielding Training
  • Grounding Skills Training
  • Shielded Non-Verbal Communications  
  • Boundary Setting using Shielding Techniques
  • 6  thirty minute training sessions
  • 6 MP3 replay downloads
  • 6 sets of written highlights
  • Associated reading material
  • E-mail support between sessions as needed

Cost:  $525 USD 

Payment Options: 

  1. Single Payment
  2. 2 Payments (50% deposit, 50% Session 3)

Don't Know Where to Start?


If therapy hasn't helped, and Meds haven't helped then maybe it's time to try HSP Empath skills training.  This is a very different way of managing all the stress you have not been able to block using traditional methods.  

You listened but still aren't sure... check our Testimonials to see what others have experienced.  

Still not sure where to start your HSP, Empath training.  You listenened, and checked Testimonials, but still unsure, please contact Courageous Path HSP Empath Support to ask all your questions and get an answers that make sense.  Click on the blue box to the right to get started.