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Helena Claesson Sweden

Here's what Helena said about her HSP Trainer:   Sue Rumack, you helped me in more ways than I described... you, as a person, are healing. The way you interact, your kindness, your patience, your trust...

1:1 Empath Training:  Dec 2017  Sue - you help me to be a courageous rebel!  I truly love you Susan! Life is fun with you...and organized.  No one dares to do what I do and leave the system, and move on my own to another country. I really should feel good and proud about that. I want to be a pioneer and a wayshower somehow! You are such a talented and funny coach... you bring joy into my life, and you always in some way...I don't know how... change my issues.. I am so thankful you help me to become the woman I want to be..

2018 Update:  Helena has left Sweden permanently.  About taking back her life...   ..."before I decided to move, it was mostly about healing my self image... feeling good in my own skin...making new contacts...  And now the move from Sweden to Spain... I used all your organizing tools, and empath overwhelm training to manage the work of moving, and driving back and forth to Sweden (then I used your method of breaking the work down to smaller tasks, like packing a few boxes a day, cleaning one room a day, instead of doing it all at once and just get super overwhelmed. This advice has been really useful for me - even if it sounds super simple - I've managed to move out of two apartments, moved to the new house, fixed my car in Sweden and a new passport... all in less than two months, and I'm still standing on both feet). AND  I haven't had the need to do a lot of conscious shielding. I think it is almost automatic these days... and I also now  have strong boundaries.  

Bev Stom USA

1:1 HSP / Empath Training:  Thank you Susan for all the assistance ... The questions you asked were important for me to address out loud, for I had kept them buried deep inside because I am different from the norm. In the past I couldn't decide if the empath gift was a blessing or a curse. Thank goodness I found you!
The training & practice you provided has changed my life in many positive ways... Most of all, not absorbing others negative energy & recognizing that it didn't belong to me. I'm lighter now... I don't react nor become insulted ... Not only has your training helped me but also people that I come in contact with on a daily basis.
Thank you Susan for all your patience & devoted guidance that has helped me project the true me. I'm a happier person & thankful for being an empath. 

Josefine Rännbäck, Ph.D. Sweden

1:1 HSP / Empath Shielding and Life Coaching:  Susan Rumack has changed my life in many ways. Shielding Basics for Beginners was helpful in managing my PTSD and bipolar disorder. Shielding helps me gain an objective view of what is happening in my head giving me a well-needed distance.. At the same time... gives me a personal insight into how to protect my heart by managing incoming energies from others. Shielding Level 2 helped me to control my inner critic... It has become my trusty companion, giving heed to my inner voice.  Susan Rumack has helped me do a lot of damage control...

The most important thing that shielding is helping me do is to be the boss who runs my ship, freeing up my own energy by allowing my shields to take over a lot of work that used to be carried out by my stressed-out mind, heart and body.

My life is happier and more harmonious now that I am no longer walking around without any skin and with my nerves exposed! I recommend shielding with Susan Rumack to anyone who needs to learn how to handle stress. 

Amy Mark Canada

1:1 HSP / Empath Training and Life Coaching: I’ve written from my heart and mean every word I said.  You always have been, and continue to be, MAGIC!

Every time I have a conversation with Sue Rumack, my eyes are opened in a new way and I see the puzzle pieces of my life in a different light.  The result is that I can then take the next step toward furthering my growth.  When I look back at where I was when we met six years ago, I’m completely amazed at how far I’ve come because of her gentle guidance.

You think you won’t survive before you start this work.  Then you start and you realize not only will you survive, but you actually thrive with the changes that it brings.  I’m not saying it’s an easy journey, or a painless one, but Sue has a way of knowing what you need each step of the way and gives you the space to move forward at your own pace.

Beth D Thompson USA

Shielding Basics Level 1: We don't always realize how important this is. (shielding as boundary setting and wordless communication)
Through Shield Training, Susan Rumack provides, (the training process and included empath life coaching) helped me understand how feeling overwhelmed & trying to communicate a need can be misunderstood.
I learned how to send an easy, felt message which brought the overdue medical attention (I desperately needed) into effect.
Thank you, Susan!

Wina Neuhause South Africa

Discovery Consultation:  I thank you for listening to my story. You reminded me of something I already knew but refused to accept, because of my great desire to punish myself. I thank you for the love you gave so freely to a total stranger. You have helped me to overcome a great obstacle and I know you do it for every other living being who crosses your path… May the light continue to guide you as I know it does. Many, many thanks. 


Christi Naranjo-Stringfellow USA

Shielding Basics Workshop Series:  I would say before I met you I never knew anything about protective shielding. Now, absolutely ! Don't know how I made it through half my life without knowing. It's all thanks to you that I have more balance in my life from this. 

Tina Seroke USA

1:1 Shielding and Empath Identity Training and Spiritual Clarity about being an Empath/HSP:  Thank you! It is wild and amazing! Being an empath is feeling more like a gift than ever before!  It feels like new life is being breathed into my body! Specifically doing Shielding training to manage controlling negative co-workers...  I felt a shift in energy also and it continues to change. I'm feeling lighter also.  Re designing the voice of my new business... Ah, now I understand what I want my business to wordlessly, energetically say to potential clients.   

Started out feeling incredibly stressed out, exhausted, frustrated by feeling others energies were punching me..  spinning in circles.  Spiritually on a path of enlightenment but didn't know what to do about it.  Result of training..  took down walls transitioned to using shields.  Taking back my life... more energy, interacting with regular people.  Shields deflect others energies.  Knowing the different types of energy and using all my shields.  In a place of empowerment, have direction and purpose again.  I know who I am.  And it all took place in such a short time.  

Carmela Zambri Lamanna Canada

Shielding Basics Workshop Series:  Susan... for me it was and is a total transformation.
Working with you gave me the assertiveness that I was not making up stuff and clarity on how to identify if it was mine or not, can you say empowering?? That's what has been for me, and since then anything negative has been moving away from me . It is so nice to hear that you are not alone and that it is not all in your head. 

Ronya Heylander YogaStudion, Sundsvaal, Sweden

Yoga and meditation have helped me a lot with the gift, which is also my biggest challenge - high sensitivity. But with Susan, I got another tool for managing energy, in a way that I had never heard of before. There are a lot of different technologies out there to handle / protect ourselves from other people's energies, but they never worked for me. Susan's technical, professional, respectful and wonderfully soft way of coaching has the hand on my heart, changed me deeply, and gives me a much easier life. It is big! 

A University Professor Toronto Canada

1:1 Private Training

Sue worked with me on a situation connected with my work which was causing intense confusion, frustration and a sapping of energy and creativity. Her remarkable techniques again led me in a unique way to the core concerns, revealing what was of enduring value and what was destructive. Again, I was taken out of my pain and confusion and forward into life-affirming steps and creative transformation. This way of working is new to me. I had had years and years of costly and time-consuming therapy. Through the work with Sue, I have experienced transformation on all levels. This has occurred with astonishing speed.

Yossi Lockhart USA

Coaching Sessions given as a Gift

Exerpted from a letter of appreciation:

"... she was in a deep depression, scared, angry and hurt. I really feared for her mental health at the time with all that hit her at once.

You started talking to her about 3 months ago. What a difference!

[she] has hope now, is alive, getting back the sense of humor she once had, feels better about herself, able to cope with lifes problems, and from my point of view, is getting back to the woman I fell in love with years ago. She is able to talk about all that has happened, is moving forward with her life, healing very quickly, and from where I am, is as different as night is from day!

She started painting a month ago. I never thought she's get back to it; her soul seemed damaged and the artistic spark seemed dead. Not anymore! I can't wait to see what happens in the next 3 months or year."

~Yossi Lockhart


VIP Anonymous - Current Client 2017-2018


I am a retired 73 year old professional woman who had serious issues to resolve. When I began coaching with Sue the issues were paramount in my life, and at this point they are approaching non-existent.

Phone coaching: Sharing my utmost private thoughts and feelings with someone I have never met? 

Sue was recommended by a trusted friend.. Nonetheless I could never have imagined having those intimate conversations recorded and retrieving them by e-mail after each session, along with Sue’s notes.  In fact the notes and replays are excellent! 

Sue is highly intuitive, empathic and kind, with a great sense of humour. Her notes are presented clearly, reflecting progress as well as issues requiring more thought and work. They are available between coaching session-- truly a gift! At the closing of each session Sue asks the pointed question: “What are you taking away from this session?”

Beth Shiplett USA

Shielding Basics Group Workshop Level 1

I thought I'd catch you up on how things are going since my shield classes in 2017.  I'm Sooo Happy!  I don't have the overwhelming anxiety and stomach issues as I used to now that I'm shielded properly.  ... in the late fall (2018) I plan to take the next shield class.  Thank you again for the life saving work that you do!  ~ Beth Shiplett

Beth Shiplett USA 2018 August Update

Thank you! I have grown exponentially in the past few months. I have had a quantum change recently and as a result I have had quite a spiritual alignment and awakening in the past few days. I believe it is directly because of your teaching of how to program my outer shields so I can have my energy for myself... Thank you again for sharing your gifts in a teaching manner so others can grow. 

Jeffery Johnson Toronto 2018 Shielding Basics Workshop, AND Personal 1:1 Coaching

 I met Sue Rumack after going through a lot of transitions in my life. I was looking for answers and trying to integrate the experiences I had just gone through when I saw Sue was holding a workshop for HSPs and Empaths at a place called “Happy Soul.”

At the workshop I learned grounding techniques and many other modalities to help shield and ground. Before the workshop I was pretty untethered and after I found it much easier to find my centre and focus. 

As a man, it’s sometimes hard to open up and go to such workshops but Sue made me feel comfortable and put me in a peaceful place wherein it was quite easy to learn. After the workshop I wanted to continue learning and went to Sue for one on one training. It was invaluable. Many of the techniques she touched on in her workshop, she went into much more in depth in the personal training and taught me many additional skills. These are skills and techniques I still use to this day and they have helped me tremendously. 

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