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This Welcome could be telling you all the great things you'll find on this site, or about how we will cater to your needs, or how there isn't any other empath training service like ours anywhere in the world... and all that would be true, BUT perhaps Welcome should be about letting you know that we know what makes you so sensitive and can help you to systematically push back years of overwhelm, physical, and emotional stress and even the PTSD associated with feeling so much from everyone and everything around you. 

Perhaps you also need to know that you aren't alone feeling the spin, confusion, physical and emotional breakdown that untrained HSPs and Empaths often feel. It's real, you aren't crazy or broken.  And it's fixable.  

Perhaps you need to know that co-dependent, narcissistic, or even abusive relationships are common for highly sensitive people.  And it's fixable too. 

Perhaps you need to know that wanting to isolate and hide away from the noise, lights, and spin filling your mind is very natural  for a burnt-out HSP or Empath... and there are scientific energy  blocking and grounding tools you can learn so you can rejoin your family, kids, friends, work, and feel safe.  

Perhaps, you need to know that science is the bedrock of learning these new tools, and that superstition and magic are not part of what is offered here.  You WILL feel the magic of taking back your life AND there will be moments when what you experience feels like magic and otherworldly, but I assure you, it is all science.  

This website offers a wide variety of resources, paid and free, to meet all budgets and levels of trust. 

I'm Sue Rumack, the empath and hsp trainer.  I'm just like you, I've experienced the pain, fear, illness, and trauma... but I learned how to manage what I feel from others.  I'm also a trained life-coach who's been professionally helping Sensitives for close to 12 years to take back control of their lives from the narcissists, abusers, bullies, so that you stop feeling their need, fear, anger, hostility, and violence in your bodies and minds.  

I urge you to take your time on these pages getting familiar with the possibility of living a whole, fear-free, stress-free, control-free life of your own making. I also urge you to make use of our Free DIY Resource Library filled with valuable articles and recordings all of which are downloadable.  

What you learn here will begin to change your life.  We offer life-changing transformation.  

Please take your time to look around, and then make time to talk to us about YOU.  

I look forward to talking to you during your Free Discovery Consultation.

What's The Good News About Being A Sensitive?


HSP's and Empaths... You are in the unique position of knowing what's going on with everyone around you. This means that with a little training you can learn to instantly filter the good from the bad energies and return what you don't want to the original sender, wordlessly and without confrontation! 

This site offers you training opportunities,  911 Emergency Coaching Interventions, Single Hour Sessions, Sensitivity Training Packages, Goals Mentoring, and even  DIY Self-Training puts life-transformation in your hands no matter your budget.  

Did your know that the most highly effective HSP's and Empaths are top negotiators, skilled people influencers, and even... moms and dads who hear their children's needs and their spouse's vulnerabilities with their heart, and are able to respond heart-to-heart so they are clearly instantly  heard, without misinterpretation in their loved one's mind.

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Talk about YOU and your gifts and challenges with the hope of finding answers and solutions to what confuses or overwhelms you.  

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