GPS to Success is the proven six month goals training system that helps you to harness and direct your gifts and talents as healer, teacher, team player, manager, and entrepreneur. Your abilities are validated as you build your goals to successful completion.  Your trainer uses one of a kind empath life-coaching  techniques to cut through self-sabotaging behaviours that have kept you stuck for years.  At the same time you integrate protection and shielding into how you build your winning goals strategies. For the first time you will define your best strengths and values awareness into step by step goals completion by anticipating and planing workarounds to release self-sabotage and old belief systems which may have held you hostage.  6 months is all it takes to step into your power.   

Goals Mentoring is an old concept but for HSPs and Empaths this kind of success support has a very different look and feel from how success strategies normally work. Sensitives are motivated or demotivated by what our bodies feel when our deepest ethics are in agreement or screaming disagreement with every choices we make.  Empath life coaching is one of the essential ingredients in our Goal Setting GPS Training.

FACT:  The highly sensitive person isn't always the one who shrinks away, is shy, is taken advantage of, or bullied.  Often the intuitive gifts, and ability to 'read' situations and people is how the most successful salespersons, politicians, healers, teachers, and business people become more successful than their non-HSP or Empath competition.  Success depends on how well you know yourself and how deeply you trust what you read from others.

If you are emotionally sensitive it's a safe bet that once you know how to harness your intuitive gifts and the ability to read others without being overwhelmed, you will join the successful people who make a huge difference in the world.  

GPS Goals For Success 1:1 Mentored Program

What You Get

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  • Personalized Goal-Setting Strategies:  26 weeks (6 months) 1:1 personalized hand-held coaching, lifetime re-usable strategies templates, setting do-able timelines, finding resource people who won't let you down, and anticipating disasters so you can plan to skip past them unharmed.. 
  • Build your own proven reusable Customized Success Strategies Playbook 
  • Lifetime Access to Customized HSP/Empath Goals Planning Templates. Your coach leads you through each template so you know exactly how to use them. 
  • Design customized self-awareness, goals timelines, and success-planning guides. 

Combine your HSP Empath abilities with logical success plans to set and successfully complete goals every time.


  • Get Heard like nobody has ever heard you before 
  • Let Go of everything that keeps you stuck
  • Never Miss A Moment - every session recorded. MP3 download sent via email (24hrs) 
  • Written Highlights of every session with MP3's 
  • Global Access - Easy to schedule sessions in your timezone.
  • Live Coaching - Interactive / Toll Free / phone or Computer call
  • Email Support between sessions

What You Learn

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Bring one significant 6 month goal. Your coach shows you how to use easy, proven, templates following the reusable step-by-step process to define each mini-goal, timeline, and mini-success plan within your big goal for an easier win. Learn to make every step successful, so your big goal can't fail. You are safe and supported at all times.  The Result...  self-worth and self-confidence builds a little more each week. 


  1. The 7 Sins of Goal Setting and How to Avoid Them  training guarantees goal success now and in the future.  
  2. Goal Setting Techniques Learn proven systems to break goals into easy to complete weekly modules.  
  3. Successful Goal Planning Templates using empath life-coaching to anticipate roadblocks... practice setting no-stress timelines... how's and why's of great resource partners... plus milestone celebrations to validate each small win.
  4. HSP / Empath Shielding to block sabotaging fears (yours and others), Control negativity, hostility, jealousy, bullying.  
  5. Overwhelm Management for long and short term goals
  6. Self-Sabotage Empath Life-Coaching Use old failures to get you successful today. Release and replace old negative beliefs with new, real, repeatable successes. 
  7. Grounding Techniques for Sensitives: see, touch, sense, repair your grounding and protective energy barriers.  Learn what grounding really is and how to stay grounded. 
  8. Protective Shielding: formulas and templates programmed to activate protective shielding you were born with   
  9. Boundary Setting: that can't be ignored by narcissists, abusers, or bullies
  10. Validation that you are taking back control of your life

What Changes In 6 Months

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You know how to build success upon success without self-sabotage, and with greater self-trust and confidence.  You become more successful every day. 

  • Successful future goals are easier to complete. 
  • Increased self-trust
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Increased positivity
  • Increased self-confidence
  • Life looks very different and hopeful
  • New Inner Identity lets the outside you authentically BE who you really are! 

  • Wholeness - You will feel more whole, lighter, vibrant and healthy
  • Respect - Others respect you differently, You respect, like, and love yourself. 
  • BFF:  You are proud to be your own best friend. 
  • Non-Verbal Communication  - Get heard with less hostility or misunderstanding.   
  • Release - Release old stories and behaviour patterns that kept you stuck. 
  • Health improves...  
    • chronic pain is less because you are no longer holding other people's pain in your body. 
    • depression that's not yours is blocked
    • general anxiety from those around you is blocked 
    • Happy and Hopeful - you are happier and more hopeful




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HSPs and Empaths you may be Healers, Entrepreneurs, Leaders in Business, Spiritual, Sales, Politics, Self-Employed... Until now, you haven't found the success training program the feels right in your body, fits your ethics or morality.  You know you need something different from what's being offered by success gurus. You've read the books and watched the videos.  Still,  something is missing!

GPS for Success is the something different you are looking for because you will learn to access every corner of your empath gifts and use them to build your future success using holistic mind/body/spirit /soul/ and universal essense to make easier decisions, design successful plans, and follow through without old self-sabotage getting in the way. 

The GPS Secret: along with templates, proven process, and skills training we build in empath life coaching to every session.  You learn the best of who you are so your goals match your gifts.  Every aspect of goals success from the goals within the big goal, your choices, timelines, and how choose your resource partners reflect in how build out success scenarios to anticipate and sidestep potential roadblocks. Your successes are embedded in new thought loops for your successful future. 


Click Here for Testimonials.  Every testimonial begins with a newly trained empath describing how shielding and grounding training changed their lives.  These highly sensitive persons have ALL completed Silver HSP Empath Skills Training and most continued on through Gold.  Several continued to GPS Goals Success, with a very special few completing the year long Identity Transformation.   


Trainer-led training sessions include: 

  • 26  thirty minute training sessions
  • 26 MP3 replay downloads
  • 26 sets of written highlights
  • Associated reading material
  • E-mail support between sessions as needed

Cost:  $2395 USD   (save $200) 

Payment Options: 

  1. Single Payment
  2. 2 Payments (50% deposit, 50% Session 12)
  3. 3 Payments (33% deposit, 33% Session 12, 33% Session 18) 
  4. Other arrangements by request

Don't Know Where to Start?

Don't worry if you don't know where to start... your FREE  Courageous Path HSP Empath Coaching Discovery Session will provide the roadmap take back control of your life.   

The difference between HSP Empath success training and other goals training programs is how you learn to read, filter, and block others fears of, and for, your success.  This makes it easy to stay focused and reach your goals with less stress, greater self confidence, and new self-belief. 

IF only 12 weeks is all it takes to take back your life...  what's holding you back?   

If it's money...  choose a payment plan that makes it easier.  

If it's not money, but some old belief or fear of success...  Contact Us to see how we can make it happen for you.  

If money isn't the issue, and old beliefs aren't the issue but you don't trust success training programs, please check out our Testimonials and see how others just like you are taking back their lives. 


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Email  BEFORE your 4th coaching session and get all your money back, no questions asked.