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HSP Empath Self Awareness

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Empaths (HSPs) Born with Protection Working at 50% Capacity

Calling ALL empaths, lightworkers, and healers who need to end the overwhelm and isolations your gifts force you to hide from.   In this video we give the secrets behind the differences between Traditional Protective Shielding and 21st Century Quantum Energy Vibrational Protection.  Learn how to activate your own protective vibrational barriers to block and return others negativity, pain, and hostility. 

HSP Empath Protection

Listen in on a live conversation with an HSP Empath identity / shielding student.  

What IS an HSP Empath? A 21st Century Definition

This intro video explaining WHAT an empath actually is as an energetic body using quantum energy science.  This video is a perfect example of training sessions Sue Rumack, The Empath Trainer uses during both private 1:1 sessions AND group workshops as well. Listen into this raining video part 1 of 3.  

Video #2  Who is an Empath? 

Video #3  How do Empaths do what they do?  


Intro to Loving Relationships for Empaths...  a self-study program (to be released 2019)