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AFFORDABLE ALTERNATIVE to 1:1 Coaching OR Live Group Workshops

Membership means easy, affordable access to proven tools, training, and education on all things HSP and Empath.  

Like all membership groups, Courageous Path HSP Empath Self-Study is as cheap as a cup of coffee a day. Weekly email podcast or video lessons are supported by monthly interactive phone or computer call Q&A.  Replay Library: all Q&A sessions are available 24/7 on the FB Members Forum .  Support: Your FB Support Forum is accessible 24/7 and Sue Rumack, the empath trainer checks in daily with time-tested suggestions.  Privacy: You study alone in the privacy of your own home.  Study Stress: progress as fast as you choose, go back and redo sessions as often as you want.   Privacy  and Speed are your choice.  Visibility: so is your level of visible interaction with other empaths in the program. 


The DIFFERENCE between this membership program and all the others is the depth of information provided and how easily it's broken down into small stress-free steps you can do on your own.  PLUS once our monthly live Q&A phone-in lets you ask your questions and get instant answers. Never stay stuck or invisible.  Never get lost or frustrated.  Don't get left behind. Plus your  Private FaceBook Support Group is there 24/7 to support your experience. You find a real tribe who shares not only your challenges but speaks the same training language and know what you are going through.

Scroll down for more on our Education Modules and Training Modules.  

Membership gets you:

· Education Podcast Audio Modules covering all the myths, truths, and basic working knowledge of being an empowered empath.  Scroll down for Course Titles

o What is an HSP Empath? 

o Life Purpose Uncovered

o Grounding for Sensitives

o Shielding and Other Protection

o Managing Overwhelm

o Sensitives Relationships from Love to Confrontation 

o Sensitives Identity: How to Transform into Strength and Success

· Training Modules provide step-by-step video and podcasts not found anywhere else. Scroll down for Course Titles

o Basic, Intermediate, and Expert Shielding Techniques

o Getting Out of Overwhelm

o Identity Transformation

o Goals GPS for the Highly Sensitive

If you need to learn mental martial arts to block or filter the emotional control of real people who steal your energy, or their contagious confusion, fear, and hostility, or their invasive illness of mind or body. This is the affordable solution. 

If you need to defend yourself from narcissists, or emotional abusers, and bullies, but don't have the money for private help, this is your solution. 

You don't have to wait until you can afford the help you need! 

No Empath left behind… If you can’t afford the coffee… but still want to take back your life  click CONTACT  Let’s talk. 

Details Affordable Membership DIY Shielding Training

3 MP3 Downloadable Podcasts Per Month


You choose the topic from our Podcasts Lists... then sit back and begin receiving easy listening teaching sessions.   At the beginning of the next month choose your next learning journey.  Learn what you don't know about your gifts.  

  • For the full list of trainings check Lifetime Tools below. 

Audio podcast lessons.  Listen and practice the step-by-step, simplified, easy to understand instructions to take back stress, overwhelm, PTSD triggers, chronic pain that's not yours. 

Learn to block energy vampires without isolating yourself from everyone else. 

3 lessons per month. Plus 1 live Q&A session.  PLUS no stress 6 days between emails to practice . 

Monthly Live Q&A - ASK your questions toll-free


Email all your questions during first 3 weeks of each month, then join Sue Rumack, the Empath Trainer in Week 4  for your answers. You can even ask more questions, live, if you need more answers.  

Q&A is always recorded and available to every member on the Private FB Members Page.  Listen to hear everyone's questions and the answers you need for yourself. 

Private Members Forum - be in a safe environment


Never feel alone again.  

This private members forum is only open to DIY Shielding Training Memberships members.  

Joining means privacy to ask questions without being laughed at or yelled at. It also means community,  Your tribe: people who experience the same challenges, losses and wins you do.


Empath Trainer Sue Rumack oversees the Forum to ensure everyone's safety to express themselves without injuring anyone else.  Non-judgmental sharing environment where we practice how to communicate by reading other's energy words and learn how the vibrational energy of written words influence us and others. 

There is no contract or commitment beyond your monthly automatic credit card payment.  Stay as long as you want, quit whenever you want.  

Membership Benefits


  • Affordable Low Cost Training $38.11/month auto pay via pre-authorized credit card - email to cancel - no penalty - No Contract
  • Study at your own pace in the privacy of your own space - lifetime access to downloadable lessons. Repeat lessons until it feels right - your time is the right time, your pace is the right pace.
  • Real, proven tools and systems to manage ALL the overwhelm of being an HSP Empath. 
  • Private FB Members Forum: 24/7 safe environment, access to your supportive tribe, vetted comments by Sue Rumack the Empath Trainer
  • Safety and Validation: share experiences, ask questions and get answers from Sue Rumack The Empath Trainer.  
  • Get Heard and understood.
  • New Programs - Early Entry and guaranteed seats to all new trainings.   
  • Build your own Future Training Manual using your weekly downloadable lessons and Q&A Replays create the go-to manual for your continued success. 
  • Join the tribe that speaks your language. 

Lifetime Tools



1.  Individual Identity Foundation Modules. 

2.  Shielding Basic Training Levels 1 to 5 

Pre-requisite: Al Shielding training starts with Level 1 and continue through each next level at your own speed.     Click Here for Descriptions of Levels 1 to 5. 

Level #1   Beginners Basic Outer Shielding Training   Discover and Program Your First Energy Shield to Filter and Block Negative Damaging Incoming Energy. Foundational for fine tuning shielding to block hostility, anger, pain and illness, fear, control, etc.    More

Level 2 Intermediate: Fine Tune Shielding to manage the top 5 Energy Vampires  Block Anger from Others,  Hostility from Others, Block Feeling the Others Insecurity,  Block Feeling the Pain and Illness from Others.  (Prerequisite completion of Level 1 required).    More

Level 3 Advanced Intermediate: Re-Program Inner Shielding 

Build onto Levels 1 & 2. Re-program powerful embedded fears. Transform old guilt into self-trust. Block PTSD Triggers. Release old trauma, love yourself more. Clear unnamed chronic anxiety that controls you happiness. Prerequisite for Level 4  Transform Inner Critic   More

Level 4  Advanced Expert: Transform Inner Critic from Saboteur to Success Partner

Outer Shield,  Inner Shield,  Inner Critic Shield.  You are born with 3 active shields.  Your survival is linked to inner critic holding your safety as first priority. It's your life librarian and relies on stories to keep you from making risky decisions.  Level 4 training completes Inner Critic Training so it becomes your strongest success partner.   Levels 1, 2, 3 are all required before taking this training. 

Level 5 Identity

Level 6 Successful Goals

  • Auras VS Shielding
  • Affirmations VS Energy Management
  • Proving You Are Born Shielded
  • Discovering Your Hereditary Protection
  • Programming your Brain to Protect You!
  • Healing Your Body From Other's Trauma
  • Ending Chronic Pain
  • Managing PTSD Triggers
  • Turning Inner Critic From Saboteur to Support System
  • Discovering Your True Identity  

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